Arbitrage Betting Made Easy

Arbitrage Betting Made Easy

Arbitrage Betting Made Easy

What is arbitrage betting:

Unless you are a skilled mathematician who specializes in probability and percentages then you’ll probably find most explanations of arbitrage betting technical and confusing. Basically arbitrage betting is what allows a gambler to make more than one bet on the same thing, this is sometimes called hedging your bets. Still confused? Let me explain.  Here is a video to explain arbitrage betting further.

The benefits of arbitrage betting

Let’s say that you want to make a bet on a football game, let’s use this most recent Super Bowl as an example. You want to gamble without losing money so here is what you do, you go to one bookie or betting venue and bet 500$ that the Falcons will win then you visit a different bookie and bet 500$ that the Patriots will win. This is arbitrage betting, now you have placed money on the only two outcomes of a particular bet which means that no matter who wins the game you will win the bet. Some people will place over a dozen bets in this way to ensure that they win some of them, depending on the odds not only will they make back what they put out but they will also make a profit.

Why arbitrage betting is a bad idea

While arbitrage betting is not technically illegal it is very frowned upon. Bookies take bets to make money so they don’t want to make a pay out to people who are betting on either side. Bookies also don’t enjoy sharing business with other bookies which brings us to the negative aspect of arbitrage betting. As I said this form of wagering is not technically illegal but if a bookie catches it he can decide not to pay out the winnings to the gambler. Since most arbitrage betting tales place in less than legal circumstances, often under the table, then the gambler has no way of arguing his case. There is also the fact that arbitrage betting is only worthwhile if someone places large amounts of money a on his bets.

Arbitrage Scams

Because this type of betting works better if the gambler remains anonymous many of them have made use of online betting, unfortunately scammers are aware of this. Scammers will set up fake arbitrage betting sites promising large payouts and then once people enter their credit card or bank information it’s all too simple to steal every last penny. So while this kind of gambling may seem like easy money it rarely is.

Do's and Don't Of Online Casino Games

Do’s and Don’ts Of Online Casino Games

With around 250 to 350 online casinos thought to be capturing the minds and cash of gamblers from across the globe, the online banking industry has developed into one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.

Online casinos are able to operate at a fraction of the cost compared to the old-fashioned casinos housed in buildings, and offer clients the same choice of games and gambling facilities that they would get on a night out at the regular casino.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of online casino games that will help any starter or more seasoned online casino gambler.

1. Use good gambling financial sense

If you have a $100 budget for the night, then calculate your games carefully and don’t go over the limit or use too much cash on certain games which will leave you with an empty bank account by the end of the session.

2. Only play on a reputable Online Casino

The worst scenario is to find out later that you were scammed since the online casino such as Zodiac online casino that you spent your hard earned cash on was nothing more than a fake. Choose your online casino carefully and consult gambling websites to find the leading online casinos in the industry for safety.

3. Look out for Super-Sized Jackpots

The risk of betting on a huge jackpot is small compared to the winnings that you could pocket.

4. Keep an eye open for games that offer the best odds

Casino games that offer the best odds are usually found in Blackjack, as well as Video Poker and Baccarat, but other games will also offer great opportunities. The trick is to keep an eye out for the best options.

5. Play the games with the best odds

Any seasoned gambler will know the games with the best odds off the top of his head. Don’t just play a game for the sake of playing. Rather play for the sake of winning

6. Look out for Promotions

Take advantage of big bonus specials as they often include some free plays or other perks.

7. High Roller Games lead to VIP Programs

It is important to get some wins to join the elite programs which offer perks not available to the average gambler.

8. Adopt the Random Approach

Don’t use lucky numbers or be superstitious. The big wins happen from a random perspective. If it’s your day, then so be it.

9. Take breaks to ensure maximum concentration

Being online gambling, there will always be a chair for you at the table.

10. Don’t drink and play.

The worst gambling decisions are taken under the influence of alcohol and gamblers often live to regret them.